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March 05, 2008


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I've always felt that jon Bon Jovi is the ultimate marketing genius. I am a huge fan of his, but I think anyone who looks at the bands history can appreciate Jon's marketing skills.

Love the comparisons - does that give me away as a Bon Jovi fan? :-)
On a serious side tho - great points that everyone needs to keep in mind when marketing! Regardless if it's online or offline.
As for learning a thing or two from the things I indulge in? Hmm...
Number One would have to be reading - never stop learning.
Number Two - Photography - look at things from all angles, you never know what you'll discover.


Just a quick note that the song Richie Sambora sang lead on while Jon Bon Jovi changed clothes was "I'll Be There For You." Bon Jovi haven't performed "I'd Die For You" in quite a while.

Completely agree on the differences in sound between Daughtry's equipment and Bon Jovi's. Also agree on the screens sometimes getting in the way. All depends on where your seats are; they can be annoying, but I still thought they were pretty cool!

richie didn't sing "i'd die for you". he sang "i'll be there for you". otherwise, good article.

Bon Jovi es una banda que sigue en pie pese a los casi 25 años de ruta, la verdad que no estoy de acuerdo con el comentario pero no lo juzgo, es la apreciación de alguien y no todos podemos opinar igual...lastima que en Argentina no tenemos la suerte de verlos tan seguido (los esperamos hace mas de 12 años) como para comentar ese tipo de cosas, suerte!


Woohoo! I love Bon Jovi! Err. I guess I should say Jon Bon Jovi :) Great analogies, Liana. It's fun to find useful application in our indulgences, as you call them. For me, one of them would actually have to be exercising (yes, I know you all hate me right now but it's true and it wasn't always this way!) Anyway, the lesson is - work hard and you see results. It's not always easy but don't give up! :)

For the record, I like most of Jon's older stuff better. You know, back when he had the long hair and duller teeth? I was really disappointed when I saw him in concert because he changed the way he sang all the old songs, and I just wanted to hear them the way I grew up listening to them! Still awesome, though. Good post. :)

Liana, we think this is a great post, and couldn't agree more. In fact we used your analogies and applied them to site search on our blog at http://blog.sli-systems.com/2008/03/what_a_bon_jovi_concert_can_teach_you_about_site_search.html

I like the comparison of Bon Jovi and marketing.

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