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April 23, 2008

Online Marketing Tips: Social Media Types Video (Part 2)

By Li Evans

I posted Tuesday’s Tips in Online Marketing Video earlier today on YouTube.  However, due to traveling back from Search Engine Guide’s Unleashed Conference for Small Business Marketing I couldn’t get to posting it on here until now.

This week’s video covers the second part of the Social Media series where I discuss three more types of social media that you can utilize in your online marketing strategies.  The three types discussed in this little over 4 minute video are Social Bookmarking, Social Ratings & Reviews and Blogs.  Check out this Tuesday’s video and remember I’ll be back next week with the third part in this series.

Full transcription after the jump.

Welcome back to our third installment of Tuesday's Tips in online marketing.  Today is Tuesday April 22nd and I'm Li Evans of Key Relevance and Search Marketing Gurus.

Last week I started the first of a series about the different types of Social Media that are available to use in online marketing.  Today is the 2nd of this series and we're going to focus in on Social Bookmarking, Social Ratings & Reviews and Blogs.

Our first item this week is Social Bookmarking.  Basically social bookmarking communities are sites that give you the ability to share those sites that you'd normally save in "my favorites" on your browser, with other community members by saving them to your account online.  The more saves a particular web page receives, the more likely it is to go to the popular page of the community.

Some more well known bookmarking communities are Delicious, Furl, Diigo, Faves and Magnolia.  Members of these communities, just like other social media communities, are passionate.  They are passionate about sharing their discoveries with their community and friends.  More often than not, social bookmarking sites are used in research too.  You can find very focused and targeted audiences in these Social Bookmarking sites that can help you understand what it is they like about your product or service.

The second area of social media I'd like to look at today is Social Ratings & Reviews.  I touched on this area of social media in our first video about the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industry, but here I'd like to talk a little more about these types of communities.

Just like the other types of social media sites, you find very passionate and dedicated community members.  What's different about these sites is that they focus on the written word - the review, of something.  It could be a service, a product or even a place someone's visited.  These sites also usually allow voting on the reviews by the community members.

These sites are very powerful.  Sites like Yelp, Yahoo Travel, Epinions and Trip Advisor tend to rank well for business names or travel destinations.  This is a place in social media where marketers should be monitoring their reputation as well as listening to their customers review their experience.  If you participate in an honest manner with these communities, it can be a very rewarding experience for your brand, product, service or even location.

Lastly we have Blogs.  Blogs in general or sort of like an online diary.  Anyone can be a blogger these days with the access to free tools like WordPress.  The written word can be a powerful thing and the most important thing to keep in mind is that although a blogger might only have 3 subscribers and one of those is his mother - the other might be a reporter from the New York Times.  Anyone can have a soapbox with a blog, keeping that in mind could save you a lot of hassle.

When approaching bloggers, you have to remember they are not like the journalists who use to wear the press badge on their hat, out looking for the scoop.  Bloggers are a different breed and with one hit of the publish button, their words can be read on a global scale, not just in the local newspaper.  Word spreads like wild fire on the internet, it can take mere minutes for something to "take off" or for it to be a huge blunder.  Remember that, the next time you try to just send a press release to a blogger.

So that's a wrap on this week's edition of Tuesday's Tips.  Remember you can always find a full transcription of each video at Search Marketing Gurus.com.  Stop back next week for the 3rd part of this Social Media series.  For Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing, I'm Li Evans of Key Relevance & Search Marketing Gurus.  See you next week!


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