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April 29, 2008

Online Marketing Tips: Social Media Types Video (Part 3)

By Li Evans

This week’s online marketing tips video covers the third part of the Social Media series where I discuss another type of social media and two specific sites - Wikipedia and StumbleUpon.  You can utilize these sites in your online marketing strategies, if you are upfront and transparent. 

The video is about 5 minutes long this week - I actually changed things just a bit thanks to a tip from a friend.  Check out this Tuesday’s video and remember I’ll be back next week with the next installment of Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing.


Full transcript of the video after the jump....

Hi! Welcome back to Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing.  Today is Tuesday, April 29th, 2008 and I'm Li Evans of KeyRelevance and Search Marketing Gurus.

So I want to welcome you back this is the 4th edition of our Online Marketing Tips for Tuesday, and this is the third in the series on Social Media types that I've been exploring.  This week I want to show one more type of social media and then two specific sites that you want actually take a look at and use in your online marketing strategies.

So first up we've got forums.  Forums are the granddaddy of social media.  They've been around long before the term "Social Media" was even coined, so you can imagine the power these sites hold.  You can also imagine too, that the owners of these forums are well aware of what kind of power these sites hold.  So most notably, links that might be dropped into a forum (because they've been spammed before) are no-followed.  But that's not really the reason you are using social media.  You should be using social media to build your brand, to help communicate with your audience.  This is a great place to find user generated content that's focused around your product or your service.  Using forums to help communicat with your audience gives you a better idea of where you are and how your brand is being percieved.

Again you don't want to start dropping links into a forum because that will probably get you kicked out.  But if you start having the conversation at first and be a little bit humble when you come into a forum you will actually gain a little more respect in that arena.

What's up next?  We got Wikipedia.  Bet you have all heard of Wikipedia, you've seen them in your search results. Wikipedia is a powerhouse, but you  don't want to game Wikipedia.  You don't want to go in there and you don't want to be adding your link to the profile on something that is similar to your product or your competitor's product.  What you want to do is you want join the community and start on another area if you want to be active in Wikipedia.  Don't go into some place that's very related youur industry or your product.  Go into something you like and build articles on that.  Then you can come back and if you to contribute to articles about your industry or about your product, use the talk page. 

Even if you are part of the Wikipedia community and you find an article on Wikipedia  that is wrong, use the talk page to communicate with the person who actually created that page or the people adminning that section. Its a great tool to help you get a little further with making sure the right information is out there.  You can even offer up images if you like, sometimes they'll use those as well.  Links in Wikipedia are no-followed but they still drive traffic.

So a few things to remember about Wikipedia.  Don't game it because they track IP's, and you want to use the Talk Page to get somewhere if you have something wrong with a Wikipedia article.

Last tip for today on social media is StumbleUpon.  So what about StumbleUpon?  It is a great source to bring in traffic to your website.  Its also a lot better than social news sites because you don't have the hit and run traffic that you get with a social media site like digg or Reddit.  People who use StumbleUpon will actually turn around and go through your site looking for other content to submit to StumbleUpon.  Because the more the content they submit to StumbleUpon makes them a better user, quite possibly a power users.  But here's a tip:  make sure your content is interesting, make sure its catching your eye.  Don't have ads all over it, don't make people scroll down to find the content that they need to read.  Because people will vote it down more than vote it up and then you aren't going to get anywhere. 

The other thing is you can submit your own stuff, but its better if someone else submits it for you.  Make sure you are participating in the StumbleUpon community that you are stumbling other people submissions as well as your own.  But again StumbleUpon is a great traffic driver to your website and when you have something hit big in StumbleUpon you can actually see your subscriber base actually rise if you are a blog.  So this is again a really great place for traffic.

So that's its for today's three tips in online marketing and social media.  I will be back next week with another video and I might actually have a treat for you.  As always you can find a transcription of this video on Search Marketing Gurus.  So this is Li Evans for Search Marketing Gurus and KeyRelevance, we'll see you next time. 

And one more thing before I go, this is a shout out to Craig who helped me a little bit on these videos, thank you for the tip, hopefully this video was a bit better than the last three.  See ya next time!


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