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April 08, 2008

Online Marketing Tips: Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Industry Video

By Li Evans

Welcome to another weekly segment we're introducing here at Search Marketing Gurus.  I'm hoping to keep this as regular as possible, that each week myself and the team here offer up a video full of tips for different areas of online marketing. I promise no Karaoke tips (or singing), just fun with online marketing.

So here's my first venture into the online video blogging area of our industry!


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Full transcription of video, after jump....

Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing Video Transcription: 

Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Industry Online Marketing Tips Video

Hi there!  I'm Li Evans of Search Marketing Gurus & KeyRelevance, and I'm here with the inaugural issue of Tuesday's Tips for Online Marketing.  The goal of course is to give you  the view some quick tips in online marketing that you can use in your own strategies with your own business.  Each week we are going to focus in on different things, they might be medium focused or industry focused.  We are going to switch it up to give you a little bit of variety.  And of course it might not always be me giving the Tuesday's tips, it could be somebody else from the Search Marketing Gurus team.

So with all the logistics out of the way, lets get to today's Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing.  I'm going to focus in on the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industry today because I was on a Search & Travel panel at Search Marketing World 2008 in Dublin Ireland, and a lot of great information came from that panel.  So I thought it would be great to put it in the tips for today.

So our first tip for anyone in the hospitality industry, as easy as it sounds, is to get a website.  There's a lot of businesses out there these days that don't have a website.  It's vitally important to get a website so you can list your information like how to get to your business, what's your phone number, what are your rates, what's your menu like.  Those types of things are what people are searching for to find out about your business.  It's relatively easy to set up a one page or 3 page business website through GoDaddy or through Yahoo and they are reasonably priced.  For less than the price of a yellow page ad, you can actually have a website up and ready to go in a matter of minutes and searchable in the search engines.

So now onto our second tip, which is to list your business site in the local sections of the search engines - Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo. The actually have special sections in the search engines designed for business to actually list their information such as:  business hours, address, photos of the business.  You can even add coupons in Google.  These are all free and its easy to take advantage of it, so why not make sure your information is accurate and easy to be found in the local search parts of the major search engines.

Out third tip is to make sure your business profile is listed social media sites.  The review sites are becoming very powerful in the travel industry.  Sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor have a lot of power and a lot of actual power with viewers of those sites.  You want to make sure your business information is listed accurately in these social media sites.  As well you want to make sure your URL is there, and photos or even videos.  Of course these are free, so why not take advantage of it and put your best foot forward?

Fourth Tip: Is top make  sure that if you have a website to make sure that your Title Tags are right.  This is really important because you just don't want to have a title tag that says "home" "about us" or "index page".   That tells the visitor nothing about your website.  You want to make sure your title tags have the business name, the business location, and even what your business is about.  Of course don't go overboard.  And you want to make sure you are describing what the person is going to find on the page.

Our fifth and final tip is ask for the review!  If you don't ask you're never going to know.  So you want to make sure that if your business is listed in Google, Yahoo, Yelp, TripAdvisor or any other social media site that has to do with the travel or hospitality industry, that you ask for the review.  Simply ask your customers as they are leaving your establishment 'if they liked your service, would they mind taking the time to review it in one of the social media sites you're involved in.

So that's it for our Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing.  Stop back next week for our next edition of it.   For a full transcription of this Tuesday's tips visit SearchMarketingGurus.com.


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