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April 03, 2008


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Very impressed with the rapid turnaround on your report. Imagine you must have had tired fingers by end of the day

Excellent, detailed wrapup, Li.

Just add Keynote and you've got a perfect presentation.

A couple of comments in regard to the PR industry and adoption. I worked with PRWeb.com for a few years, and found some interesting insights into the adoption of online PR:

1) The old-line folks appear to want to keep the "good 'ol boys" clubs going - which is all fine and dandy, but it means they lose quite a bit of reach by keeping their message "inside the firewall".

2) SEO of press releases is something that I believe David McInnis of PRWeb (and now of www.Cranberry.com) initiated as far back as 1998. I used the platform back then and was able to achieve search results on NorthernLight and AOL even back then.

3) As David Meerman-Scott profiled in his excellent book "The New Rules of PR and Advertising" (available here: http://www.davidmeermanscott.com/books.htm or as a free PDF download at http://www.davidmeermanscott.com/products_ebooks.htm ) the PR industry and marketing have been overlapping for decades. The difference is now there is enough clarity and less obfuscation to confuse the markets. PR is Advertising (just don't tell anyone).

4) I STILL receive direct sales from online press releases I created as far back as 2003. These act as almost long-form sales pages (a rich landing page of sorts). Once firms realize how to manage their online media assets and put them to work, a whole new world opens up.

5) Universal Search changes everything... except SEO Best Practices now apply more than ever... and to more of your online digital assets. If you're a PR person, you now have many more elements you can play with in regards to Photowire Images, Podcasts, Video, Press Release Attachments, etc...

Excellent writeup, and good to see progress contnuing to be made.

Warm regards,
Mark Alan Effinger

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