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May 20, 2008

Online Marketing Tips Video: Conversion Types - Engagement, Lead Generation, User Signups, & Contributions

By Li Evans

This week's Tuesdays' Tips in Online Marketing Video is the 2nd in the 2 part series (Conversion Types, Part 1) focusing on discussing the different types of conversion types that you can track and measure the success of your online marketing efforts.  Whether its offline driving online traffic, viral campaigns, word of mouth marketing efforts or even PPC or SEO, these are types of conversions worth paying attention to, if you want to gauge and monitor the success or failure of your efforts.


Full video transcript after the jump....

Hi!  I'm Li Evans of KeyRelevance and Search Marketing Gurus and I'm back with your Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing.  This week we have part 2 in our series in what exactly a conversion is.  Last week we talked about different conversions such as purchase and email sign-up and this week we have 4 more for you, so lets get right to it.

Engagement Conversions
First thing we have is our engagement conversions.  What exactly is a engagement conversion.?  An engagement conversion is if you have some type of picture you want to show, or a video, or some kind of game even on your site that you want to measure to see if your visitors are actually engaging in these types of activities.  This is definitely the type of a conversion if you have some kind of content on your site that you really want to get out to the public.  So measuring the response on this is very important especially for viral campaigns or you are putting out some kind of video.

Lead Generation Conversion
The next type of conversion we want to talk about is lead generation.  This is for sites that don't really sell things right away.  They could be big ticket items such as real estate agents or car dealer.  These things you can't really purchase online, or that they are things that people actually need to see first or need to make an appointment to get done.  Lead generation is a conversion that you really need to track in these types of instances.  These usually involve filling out some type of form, so you want to make sure these types of conversions are going through and if they not there could be something wrong with your form.  You get some really great insight if you not getting the types of conversions that you wish to be getting on this type of page or this type of lead.  So if you have low conversions on your lead generation you definitely want to take a look at that.

User Sign-Up Conversions
The next one we want to talk about is new user sign up.  This is if you have a community you are starting or even if you are looking to get new users to sign up to post on your blog.  This is another conversion because this requires an action to be done by your visitor.  Of course not ever person that is coming into your retail sites is going to sign up as a new users, they could be purchasing as a guest.  Anybody that is taking the time to fill out all of their information to your site whether its a forum or its a blog or even an online retail site you want to make sure you are tracking this type of conversion and reporting this information back to your marketing team.

Contribution Conversion
The last type of conversion that we have is contribution, what do I mean by contribution?  Well, anytime a visitor to your site contributes somethings, as they call it user generate content, to your website this is a type of conversion as well.  Now why do I say that?  That's because its another action.  These people are taking time to do something with your website so you want to make sure you are tracking that.  If they are leaving a track back to your blog posts, if they are putting a a comment on your blog post, or if they are adding content to your forum or any where else.  If they are uploading video, if they are uploading pictures to your community these are types of contributions you should be tracking and you can actually mark as things that are success in your marketing campaign.

There you have our four tips:  engagement, lead generation, new user sign up, and contribution.

As always you can find a full transcript of this video at SearchMarketingGurus.com.  I'm Li Evans for Key Relevance and SearchMarketingGurus.com, stop back next time for our next Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing.


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