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May 27, 2008

Online Marketing Tips Video: Press Release Optimization

By Li Evans

Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing is back with another video.  This week we're featuring some tips on how to optimize Press Releases for the web.  Got a press release?  Want to just slap that thing on a web page after you've emailed it out to over 100 media outlets?  Think again, at least if you want it to get somewhere in the search engines.


Full Transcript after the jump...

Press Release Optimization Video Transcript:

Hi and welcome back to Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing.  Today is Tuesday May 27th, 2008 and I'm Li Evans of Search Marketing Gurus and KeyRelevance.  I'm here with our next session of Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing and today we're going to cover Press Release Optimization.

So what do you do with a press release that you want to get out on the web.  How do you get that to actually rank and be showing up in the search results.  Well there's a couple things and I've got 4 tips for you today.

Keyword Research for Press Releases
First one is that you want to make sure you are doing keyword research with your press release optimization.  You just don't want to put out that press release that you just sent out in an email to a hundred different media outlets.  When you put these out on the web you want to do a little keyword research around what people are actually searching on for what your press release is about.  You may use jargon in your press release that the normal user out on the web doesn't normally use.  Make sure you are doing your keyword research around your press release and fine tune it around those keywords that you find would work for your press release.

Title Tag Optimization for Press Releases
The next thing you want to take is the title of your press release.  You want to make sure that is optimized around the keywords that you did the research on.  This will help to get your press release to rank in the search engines for these particular keywords you are trying to focus on with the press release.

Including Images with Press Releases
The third thing you want to do is include images.  And not just include images but include links to these images to different resolutions of these images.  Including an image in with your press release, on your page that you putting out onto the web really helps to enhance and really helps to bring people in and really want to write about it because you are giving them an actual view of what you are talking about in the press release.  It can be of somebody who the press release is talking about, it can be a screen capture of the actual product, or it can be a photo of the actual product.  You want to make sure you give an image as well as giving the links to the different resolutions of those images so people can use them when they write stories about what your press release is about.

Anchor Text Optimization in Press Releases
The fourth and final thing we want to talk about is the anchor text within your press release for the link.  You just don't want to put in "Click Here" for more information or "More Info" as the link.  You want to make sure you are putting in good anchor text for the link.  If your product is about Blue Widgets, make sure you are linking that in your press release to the page about Blue Widgets and use the words "Blue Widgets".  Don't use "Click Here" and have your Click Here be the actual anchor text, that's not going to do you any good, so make sure you are optimizing your links with the proper anchor text within your press release.

That's it for our 4 tips in press release optimization today for our Tuesday's tips in online marketing.  As always you can find a full transcript of this videos at SearchMarketingGurus.com.  I'm Li Evans of KeyRelevance and Search Marketing Gurus and I'll be back next week with our next tips in Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing.


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weve been doing those but were not yet doing the video transcript

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