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May 13, 2008

Online Marketing Tips: Conversion Types - Purchase, Email Sign-ups, Time on Site, & Page Views

By Li Evans

Last week Brian presented our Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing and spoke about Web Metrics for your website.  I'm back this week with our next edition of Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing, taking that web metrics theme a little further by bringing the post about Conversion Rates I did to video.

This will be a two part series, this week I discuss 4 types of conversions you can track for your website.  Keep in mind, different types of websites will want to track different types of things, so not every conversion type discussed is something every website will want to track and measure.


Full video transcript after the jump....

Conversion Types Video Transcript:

Hi I'm Li Evans of Search Marketing Gurus and KeyRelevance and I'm back with your Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing.  Today is Tuesday April 13, 2008.  Today we are actually going to talk about Conversions, what exactly is a conversion.  Last time Brian actually spoke about different types of metrics and measuring conversions.  I want to get a little bit more on the specifics of the different types of conversions.  This will be a two part series and we are going to cover 4 different types of conversions today.

Purchase Conversion:
The first type of conversion we going to cover today is the Purchase conversion.  That's the one that everybody is all familiar with.  That's something you want to be tracking that when someone comes into your site, how much it takes to get them to actually purchase something on your site.  Now not every site has a purchase, so not everybody is going to have this type of conversion.  This is something you should be tracking if you are selling any kind of product or service through your website.

Number of Page View Conversion:
The next type of conversion I want to talk about is the number of page views.  Now some people might not think this is a type of conversion, but if you are a content based site that is relying on people viewing your content this is a very important type of conversion. The more page views that you get the more cpm that you can actually offer if you are doing any kind of advertising to generate revenew.  So wondering about and tracking the type of page views you have on your site is very important in these types of instances.

EMail Sign-up Conversion:
The third type of conversion that we are talking about is the email site.  Again this can be for any type of website, if you want to actually get subscribers. You want to make sure you are tracking how people are signing up for  emails if you are offering an email newsletters, some kind of subscription for special offers, any thing like this. If people are actually signing up and giving you their email address that's the type of conversion you should be tracking.

Time on Site Conversion:
The fourth type and the last type for today is the time on site.  This might not be a conversion for everybody, but this type of conversion is good for they content type of sites that are basing things on page views and how long someone is actually staying on the site, reading the content and seeing the different things on your site.  Its not good for people who are purchasing things, but it is another metric that you can see what type of engagements your people coming into your web site are doing.

So these are our four types.  We've got purchase.  We've got number of page views.  We've to email sign ups and we've got time on site.  As always this is Li Evans for Search Marketing Gurus and KeyRelevance.  You will also find a transcript of this video on Search Marketing Gurus.  Check back next time for part two of this Conversion series.


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