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May 15, 2008


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Li - Thanks for explaining why you shouldn't have knee jerk reactions to things said about you online and need to do a little research on the commenter before deciding how to deal with them.
How do you recommend handling the trolls?
Great stuff! Mary

Thanks for the comment Mary :)

If they truly are a troll, I wouldn't waste time on them, unless of course they become violent, or they are becoming slanderous. Should that happen, then speak to legal counsel on how to proceed.

Honestly giving trolls any amount of attention just feeds the fire.

Audiences are pretty smart, people can identify when certain people just aren't "right", or whether they are crazy, or using their profiles/blogs/community for the wrong reasons. They can spot a troll a mile away. :)

What an incredible blog! I really needed this. I sometimes get caught by trolls. Engaging trolls, IMHO, validates their opinion and that can come back to haunt you in the long run. I'm trying to be more careful in picking my battles and this blog is very helpful! Thank you!

Instead of looking at a persons blog you could as well enter their real name, their E-Mail address, their username, their icq-number, etc. in Google and look how they behave in other communities.

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