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June 09, 2008


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Good one Li. I like plurk, the timeline especially. Also you can respond quickly and don't have to type @someone. Don't care much for karma points, not really all that rewarding but I do like the sucky interface. As you said, it's better than none.

I have to agree, the interface is atrocious! However, with Twitter's less than perfect track record I often find myself jumping over to Plurk just to see what's going on. Sadly I don't see people using Plurk to share information as much as they do on Twitter. I guess only time will tell, but my hopes are that Twitter gets its act together so we can all go back to the simpler things in life.

How much money did Twitter raise so for? And what exactly did they spend it on, if not a better server structure?

Hey Matt -
Thanks for stopping by and asking. I believe that Twitter just raise 15 million in their last round. I also believe they are putting a lot of that towards infrastructure, but don't quote me on that. Their blog I think states what they next goals are. Just wish that if it is infrastructure, they work faster on it, these outages and throttling of messages just really sucks.


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