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June 21, 2008

Blog Potomac - Interview with Kami Watson-Huyse of the Communication Overtones Blog

By Li Evans

At Blog Potomac last week, I got the opportunity to do a live interview with Kami Watson-Huyse, principal of My PR Pro and owner of the Communication Overtones blog.  Readers of Search Marketing Gurus will be familiar with Kami since we did a interview with her back in October.

Kami took time out from her speaking duties at Blog Potomac to speak to us about social media's affects on public relations.

Full video interview transcript after the jump....

Kami Watson-Huyse, Author of Communication Overtones, Video Interview at Blog Potomac Transcript

Li Evans:

Hi I'm Li Evans of Search Marketings Gurus and KeyRelevance and I am here at Blog Potomac in Falls Church, Virginia at the State Capital Theater.  I'm here with Kami Watson-Huyse, did I get that right?

Kami Watson-Huyse:


Li Evans:

I actually interviewed you a while ago for Search Marketing Guru's Women in Internet Marketing series and its great to actually see you here at Blog Potomac.  So what do you think of the event so far?

Kami Watson-Huyse:

It great, I really love seeing all these people in the room and its such a different venue.

Li Evans:

So social media and blogging, do you think it has a big affect on public relations?

Kami Watson-Huyse:

I think social media is really that realization of that two way communications model that public relations has professed to practice for all of the time I've been in public relations which has been for 15 years, so yeah I do.

Li Evans:

so what kind of areas that public relations should be looking at?  Should they be looking all of it or should they be looking at certain things or does it depend on the company?

Kami Watson-Huyse:

Actually none of that.  I think what it really depends on who they are trying to talk to.  So who are you trying to build a relationship with.  If I'm trying to build a relationship with you, for example, I might want to be on Twitter and I'd definitely have to come and read your blog and leave a few comments. So who's your audience and who are you trying talk to.  And that is where you need to start looking.  If they are on Facebook then you need to be there.  If they are joiners they join networks then Facebook, Myspace maybe Twitter would be a great place.  If they are people who like to comment you might want to have a blog so they could talk to you or maybe a forum.   So I think what is important for PR professionals to understand and learn is to understand and know the tools.  And then at the very, very center of that is to understand who your audience is and where they are.

Li Evans:

Awesome, some great advice.  Thank you very much.  Its nice to see you.

Kami Watson-Huyse:

Its nice to see you too.

Li Evans:

I'm Li Evans for Search Marketing Gurus and KeyRelevance, we'll be back with some more interviews at Blog Potomac.


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It was great to see you at Blog Potomac, thanks for taking time to chat.

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