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June 22, 2008

Blog Potomac - Interview With Rohit Bhargarva, Author of Personality Not Included

By Li Evans

The night before Blog Potomac was held, there was a speaker's dinner and Rohit Bhargava was the featured speaker.  We all got a copy of his book "Personality Not Included" and he did a really cool exercise with the group that attended the dinner.

The next day, Rohit was at Blog Potomac and he obliged me with a interview.  Such a nice guy, who even endured me asking him to pronounce his last name a few times, so I could make sure I wouldn't mess it up.  Thanks for being so kind Rohit, and I still love that cover of your book.  It's next on my reading list, too!

Full video interview transcript after the jump....

Rohit Bhargarva, Author of Personality Not Included, Video Interview at Blog Potomac Transcript

Li Evans:

Hi I'm Li Evans of Search Marketing Gurus and KeyRelevance and I'm here at Blog Potomac in Falls Church, Virginia.  I'm here with Rohit Bhargarva, did I get it right?

Rohit Bhargarva:

You got it! Yes.

Li Evans:

Alright!  Let me ask you, what do you think of this unconference so far?

Rohit Bhargarva:

I think its great.  To have something like this in the D.C. area is fantastic for all of us locals, including me.  Its nice to see all the people gather in our hometown.

Li Evans:

I think this is just a great, great event.  So tell me a little bit about your thoughts about companies using social media.

Rohit Bhargarva:

I think that companies are really starting to pay attention in part because social media is the sort media that media people are finding and consuming when they go online and look for pretty much anything.  So there's a lot of interest from a lot of companies. There's some fear from some companies.  There are some great case studies.  more and more are coming out everyday about companies who are taking the plunge starting to try different things, figuring out what works.  It's a very exciting time to be working in social media.

Li Evans:

I totally agree.  I love social media.  I love what it can do for companies and how they can use it. 

You are also the author of this really awesome book called.....

Rohit Bhargarva:

Personality Not Included

Li Evans:

Do you want to tell me a little bit about the book.

Rohit Bhargarva:

The book is influenced by social media, but really the idea of the book is that companies cannot afford to be faceless anymore and that personality matters.  It matters for companies, customers want to buy from multiple times, not just one sale and then you are done.  It also matters for companies that people want to work for.  So the book is really a how to guide for any size business big or small on how to have a personality, how to have a human element to your brand.  Social media may be part of that but its a broader culture shift kind of idea for companies.

Li Evans:

Awesome!  I'm going to recommend you go out and get this book even because its got this really cool cover.  With this really cool little chickens, and chickens are better than sundaes, i think.

Rohit Bhargarva:

I think so!

Li Evans:

I think so, too.
This is Li Evans from Search Marketing Gurus and KeyRelevance from Blog Potomac.


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