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June 17, 2008

Online Marketing Tips Video: Flickr Optimization

By Li Evans

It's Tuesday and it's time for our Online Marketing Tips Video of the week.  This week I'm discussing Flickr and optimization of pictures as well as the 90 second video clips that Flickr allows it's pro account users to upload.  In this video we look at optimizing titles, descriptions and tagging as well as joining groups and using Flickr Badges.  Check out the transcript to for some links to things on Flickr.


Full video transcript after the jump...

Flickr Optimization Tips - Video Transcription

Hi and welcome back to Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing.   Today is Tuesday June 17th, 2008 and I'm Li Evans of KeyRelevance and Search Marketing Gurus.

Using Flickr

This week we are going to take a look at Flickr and how you can actually use that to benefit your online marketing strategies.  Flickr isn't just for photos anymore, believe it or not.  A few months ago, Flickr enabled its users to be able to upload 90 second videos to their account.  That is if you are a pro account you can use the video feature.

Some of the things you want to take a look at in Flickr are pretty simple things but a lot of them are overlooked.

Secure Your Profile ID on Flickr
The first thing you want to take a look at is securing your profile name.  If you are using it for business purposes you want to make sure it reflects what your business name is.

Naming Your Pictures - Photo Titles
The next thing you want to take a look at is how you are naming your pictures.  That means the title of your pictures, when you normally upload your pictures sometimes they will come up with what the camera actually titles these pictures.  You want to make sure you are going back in and putting some proper titles in on these pictures.  So if its a picture of a group of lion cubs you might want to make sure it say Group of Lion Cubs instead of DC101.

Image Descriptions on Flickr
The next thing is that you want to make sure you are putting descriptions in with your pictures.  Make sure you describe what the picture is all about and you can also put in a link your description to your website where they can find more information about what the picture is about.

Tagging Your Photos on Flickr
The other thing you want to take a look at with the actual physical pictures is that you are adding tags to these pictures.  Tags that actually describe what the picture is about.  People on Flickr search through these tags to find interesting pictures related to those tags.

So those are three important things, the title, the description and the tags on the physical pictures themselves that you want to take a look at and make sure you are optimizing correctly.

Join Flickr Groups
The next thing you want to investigate into is Flickr groups.  Flickr is an amazing community and so many different types of groups.  So if you have pictures of civil war monuments you might want to join a civil war group.  Or if you can join a different group if have pictures of cat figurines there's groups for cats out there.  That just give you some idea into what you can actually do with these picture so you can actually generate traffic into them viewing your pictures and traffic into your website.

Use Flickr Badges on Your Site
The last thing we want to look at for today is Flickr's Banners/Badges.  Flickr has these thing called Flickr Badges that you can put on your website that you can use your pictures from Flickr to be able to use them on your own website to promote your Flickr Account.

So there's your tips for today for online marketing on the use of Flickr.  As always you can take a look at the transcript for this video on Search Marketing Gurus.com For Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing I'm Li Evans of KeyRelevance and Search Marketing Gurus, see ya next time.


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