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June 03, 2008

Online Marketing Tips Video: Twitter Tips

By Li Evans

Wondering what the heck this Twitter thing is?  Mesmerized?  Is it a chat program?  This week's Tuesdays's Tips in Online Marketing explains what Twitter is and and some quick tips about how you can use it to help market your business.

Tips about how Twitter works, your profile, how to stay relevant and on topic with your followers and just what about those 140 characters are all discussed in this week's video.


Full video transcript after the jump....

Twitter Tips Video Transcript

Hi and welcome back to Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing.  Today is Tuesday June the 3rd, 2008 and I'm Li Evans of KeyRelevance and SearchMarketingGurus.

What Is Twitter?
Today for our online marketing tips we are going to talk about Twitter.  I'm probably sure some of you have heard about Twitter, what is this Twitter all about?  Well Twitter is an online application that allows you to speak to an audience that is following you.  You have about 140 characters to explain what is going on in your world at that time.

Twitter is a one to many clients, which means much like many chat clients like Yahoo Messenger, AOL, ICQ or MSN where you are talking one to one, with Twitter you are talking one to many.  You can have a thousand followers or 20 followers, once you send out one message it goes out to all of them. 

Businesses Using Twitter
It's a pretty effective communication channel and marketing channel if you are a business.  There are a lot of different  business that are using this to send out messages to their followers. If you want to take a look at different businesses that are actually using this you can take a look at Woot.com, Delta* and a really great example is Zappos.  They (Zappos) are doing a great job with using Twitter for marketing and communication purposes.

Tips For Using Twitter - Fill Out Your Profile
What are some tips we have for Twitter.  With Twitter you want to make sure you fill out your profile. Make sure its filled out with your name or business, who you are, what your website is.  Make sure that is in there because people do actually click on that link and come in to find out all about your site or all about your blog.  If you put in your profile information about your blog or your site its helpful that these people will know this is really who you are.

Tips for Using Twitter - Keep Your Conversations Relevant
the other thing you want make sure is that your conversation is relevant in Twitter.  Don't be twittering about loosing your panties to your significant somewhere and you can't find them or planting trees if you aren't really planting trees.  You want to make sure you are talking about what's relevant with your followers, so that they continue to follow you and they continue to pay attention to what you have to say.

Tips for Using Twitter - Keep it Short (140 Characters)
Another tip - you want to make sure of with Twitter is you are only using the 140 characters.  Because you don't want to have to keep people looking to see what is going on with your conversation.

So there's your tips for Tuesday's tips in Online Marketing around Twitter.  Hopefully you can follow me on Twitter, I'm @storyspinner.  As always you can find a full transcript of this video at SearchMarketingGurus.com.  For Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing I'm Li Evans of KeyRelevance and Search Marketing Gurus, see you next time.

* Note:  Delta Airlines' Twitter profile is not their official company, it's an employee communicating with an audience.  Great the employee took this initiative, but sad that Delta didn't take it first.


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Dynamic post, I found very interesting these post because I am very eager to build my career with whole marketing tips, I would like to please you to send many more informations.

its a great way that this tips is being shared to twitter users

Great information on some tips to use twitter I will have to come back and see what else your site has to offer!

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