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July 01, 2008


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I wonder if some of the issues with the markup to highlight important sections will be addressed in a future flash update now that Google is making a priority out of indexing flash files. It might be a chicken or the egg scenario where Google says, "Fine, I'll be the chicken...now go do your job."

Your assumption here is key to why you may be incorrect, "Since Flash embeds them into playing in their own structure, Google can't read it."

This is not the case at all. If Adobe provides Google with a backdoor access to textual content in a Flash player, Google can index it. As well, I'm confident that Adobe will add options for tags and descriptors within Flash that will allow it.

Read up at Adobe's site on their news release of the partnership. Remember - this is a joint venture between the two. It's in both party's interest to develop a search mechanism. It will be done! Flash sites are losing a lot of Search opportunities to Ajax and are probably starting to feel the pain.

It's a start.
It's better than nothing.

And there's a reason they've added it;
they want to play with and develop the algo
so users can find Google's "own" vids soon.

Hey Y'all - thanks for taking the time to comment and add to the conversation! :)

@ Mike - totally agree with you there :)

@ Doug - If they are using the hashmarks to delineate their pages, that's the major concern, how does google handle that. It doesn't mention any of that in the documentation. I have read up on it. If the pages are individual URLS then you are fine - each page then would have it's own Title, Description and way to be optimized.

@ NextInstinct ... I agree better than nothing.

@ Ya'll :) Notice the title ... at the end there's a "YET". I'm sure all of this will come eventually, but for now, I won't advise clients to use all flash sites - it's just waaaaaaay to early in the "game" for this to move sites to entirely flash.

Great post.
Was searching for the impact on this new update on search engine algorithm. So it is still not wise idea to go for full fledged flash websites. But this helps the existing sites and piece of flash movies..

I thought I was the only one who was livid at the announcement.

Couple of things worth pointing out in addition to your post, Adobe has had a search SDK for several years (though currently MIA from adobe site) and Google has been using it for well over a year. The amazing new technology would from all the material available be a rehash of this software but with a modified flash player to help combat the time line issue.

The problem however is still unlike a page which is interconnected to other pages in a static time frame. Flash works in a completely different way and that's before you start to introduce time into the equation.

Perhaps rather then eeking out 0.0001% extra content they could instead focus on developing a framework for Flash (and more importantly flex) developers to work with that in part mimic some of the critical ranking factors of a normal page.

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