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July 30, 2008


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Hey, I am always happy to inspire. And guess what? They fixed it and they now come up first if you do a search for www.cuil.com. Either they read your blog, or a bunch of other people had the same idea I had and sent them smack down messages. To be fair, perhaps there was just a glitch in the index or whatever. I am going to check it out some more.

By the by, a search for your name no longer displays pics. In fact, many less search results do. I think they had a problem with the wireups between images and search results and turned some of it off.

I for one am going to give it some time. Choppy start, but you never know.

Thanks for the post.

By the way, the site is STILL not ranking itself if you search on "Cuil com". It appears that they just did a last minute hack for that one term.

why would you be looking for the Cuil website if your using Cuil ??? maybe thats why its not listed ...think Cuil is Goal in english too,, if its ment to be an irish word...

Besides that the servers went down the first day and cuil.com does not existed in their own serps, I agree about images, who knows where those images are coming from. The name is not cool, is wierd.

Cuil was Cuill until the last minute they gone public. So you can't really blame them for that, it's only a matter of time until they index them self.

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