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July 15, 2008


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Thank you for your 5 online marketing tips.

Great. THank you for this useful tips.

Thanks for the primo 1999 information reposted here.

This is the most basic seo that all sites should implement.

If this information is new to you please read SEOmoz free SEO guide.

Wow Bad News.... perhaps you should read something else then, because back in 1999, the meta description did matter to search engines like .. Alta Vista, Excite, etc. .... Wasn't till Google really made some headway and fixing the algo after 1999 that the description and such didn't mean much.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts, have fun!


Nice to hear very useful tips...It's great news to web world..


It's amazing how many webmasters or so called "seo experts" still don't know the proper use of heading tags. First, many people forget they aren't just used to inject keywords onto your web page but rather to "structure" the content so a search engine and web visitor know what the web page is about. Good to see more videos aimed at the proper use of header tags.

Thanks for sharing this article with us! There are some very important tips in the article and seems to be a very good website...

Thanks for sharing this to us, Video on demand also specifically references videos that start at a moment of the user's choice, as opposed to streaming, multicast and webcams in which the data is sent to the user live by a server.



This is a great article, SEO and Blogging is what is in right now, and this article helps other reach their full potential. Great stuff.

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