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July 15, 2008

Online Marketing Tips Video: 5 Easy SEO Tips to Optimize a Website

By Li Evans

This week, it's back to basics with our online marketing tips video. 

For this week's video, there's 5 easy to use, and implement, tips that webmasters, web site owners and marketers can implement to get the basics of search engine optimization (SEO).


Full transcript after the jump ....

5 Easy SEO Tips to Optimize a Website Video Transcript

Hi and welcome back to Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing.  I'm Li Evans of KeyRelevance and Search Marketing Gurus.   Today is Tuesday, July 15th, 2008 and today we're going to talk about 5 easy tips to optimize your website for search.

Change & Optimize Your Title Tags to Be Relevant

The first tip I want to offer up is looking at your Title Tags.  With your title tags you want to make sure you not just using the default of "index", or "home" or "about us".  You want to make sure you are changing your title tags to reflect what the page is about.  This will help the search engines to understand what the page is about and help to be able to put it out there in the search engines for what its relevant for.  So if your page is about your product and services, talk about that in your title tag.  If your page is about the press releases that you are putting out  make sure you are putting that in your title tag.  This will help the search engines understand what's going in your page, and help it be a little more relevant for the terms you are trying to optimize for.

Write a Great Page Description

The next tip we want to take a look at is writing a really good description for your website.  The description is what appears underneath the title tag when it is listed in the search engines.   So this helps a user take a look at what's going on, on the page, not just from the title tag, but from the text that you are actually putting out there and then they decide whether they want to click in or click out.  The description does not have any kind of weight with the search engines and their algorithms.  It does help the users who are using the search engines to gauge whether they want to click on what they are seeing in the search results or not.

Optimize the Text in Your Links on the Page

The next tip that we want to take a look at is your links on your page.  How you are naming them in the navigation and the content on your page.  These links and the way you name them help to give relevancy to the pages you are linking to.  You want to make sure you that you are not putting in "Click Here" or "More Information" for your links, you want to make sure you are putting in relevant text with your anchor text for your links that are within navigation or the content on your page.

Use Images and Optimize Them

The fourth tip that we want to take a look at is using images on your page.  Images are really important, they help to break up content and they also appear in image search as well as in contextual search at the top or at the bottom included in Google and Yahoo. Making sure your images are named properly and making sure you are using alt text with your images will help your images be associated with relevant searches.

Header Tags, Rather Than Always Bolding or Underlining

The last tip for today, in our Online Marketing Tips for Tuesday is using header tags.  Make sure that you aren't' just using bold or underline. Make sure you are using an < h1 >,  an < h2 > or an < h3 > and make sure you are putting in keywords within these header tags.  It will help the search engines  understand, again, what your page is about, it gives more relevancy.

So those are your 5 tips for today's Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing, for easy site optimization.  I'm Li Evans of Search Marketing Gurus and Key Relevance, stop back next time for more tips!


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Thank you for your 5 online marketing tips.

Great. THank you for this useful tips.

Thanks for the primo 1999 information reposted here.

This is the most basic seo that all sites should implement.

If this information is new to you please read SEOmoz free SEO guide.

Wow Bad News.... perhaps you should read something else then, because back in 1999, the meta description did matter to search engines like .. Alta Vista, Excite, etc. .... Wasn't till Google really made some headway and fixing the algo after 1999 that the description and such didn't mean much.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts, have fun!


Nice to hear very useful tips...It's great news to web world..


It's amazing how many webmasters or so called "seo experts" still don't know the proper use of heading tags. First, many people forget they aren't just used to inject keywords onto your web page but rather to "structure" the content so a search engine and web visitor know what the web page is about. Good to see more videos aimed at the proper use of header tags.

Thanks for sharing this article with us! There are some very important tips in the article and seems to be a very good website...

Thanks for sharing this to us, Video on demand also specifically references videos that start at a moment of the user's choice, as opposed to streaming, multicast and webcams in which the data is sent to the user live by a server.



This is a great article, SEO and Blogging is what is in right now, and this article helps other reach their full potential. Great stuff.

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