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July 23, 2008


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man not even a nofollowed link for relevancy or reader continuity? ;-)

Wow, Michael, you came over here, only to see that you aren't linked to, that's it?

Honestly, I didn't want to give your post any more credence than what Lisa did, that's why I didn't link to it. I totally disagree with your stance, and I don't want to even send people to it from here. If they wan to read it, they can from Bruce Clay.

That's my stance. Besides, you don't want my link juice, why would you, you don't read SMG at all.

Thanks for stopping by though to try and cause some drama! :)


isn't that kind of the point of using google alerts for vanity searches?

Just so you know I hassle senor cutts everytime he mentions me without linking too, it's a fun little game i like to play.

really that comment is drama? sheesh everybody is so sensitive nowdays, you ppl really need to relax and don't sweat the small stuff.

nawh the comment isn't drama, but you twittering about no link here and saying it's lame is *chuckle*.

just so we're clear here, the only reason you came to SMG is because I put your name in the post, ok, thanks for clearing that up too. :)

have a great one Michael!


Li, thanks for the insight on BlogHer. I really would have like to attended...maybe next year! What I find interesting is your comment on the lack of women in tech. Obviously, that's something that has bothered me for 14 years. :))) Being in tech, there's usually women in marketing, but rarely actually in engineering, tech support, operations, etc. That said, there are a lot more women now than 14 years ago and I hope that positive trend continues!

Wow! We're famous! I so enjoyed meeting you with my husband (yep, that's us, the cute couple in the photo!) at BlogHer08 and the Macy's party where we snuck wine from the bartender after all those other slobs spilled theirs in the furniture department. Or am I not supposed to mention that? ;)

You guys were fantastic, and the most fun at the party!

Viv, Editor
Cool Moms Rule! (http://coolmomsrule.blogspot.com)

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