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August 12, 2008

Online Marketing Tips Video: Utilizing Yelp for Small Business Marketing

By Li Evans

If you haven't noticed, things have been a little bit slow here on SMG, since I'm the main writer here, it gets kind of hectic when your family life gets thrown into turmoil at the drop of a hat, somethings have to take a back burner.  We all know that, so I won't drone on about that point.  Things though are getting better, so regular posts should be returning!

First up, our Tuesday's Online Marketing Tips video!

This week I'm talking about Yelp and how small businesses can utilize key features of Yelp to help to market themselves.  From making sure your information is right to asking for a reviews, these 5 tips can help just about any small business involved in some kind of service industry, market themselves a bit further online.


Also note, there's a bit of a difference in the video this time around.  Different camera, different shooting style and the 5 tips listed after the discussion.  With this new camera, you might see a few different formats till we decide on what works best. :)

Video transcript after the jump....

Utilizing Yelp for Small Business Marketing Video Transcript

Hi and welcome back to Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing.  I'm Li Evans of Search Marketing Gurus and KeyRelevance and I'm here for another edition of online strategy tips that can help your small business.  Today we're going to talk about Yelp and how you can utilize that to help promote your business both offline and online, so lets get started.

Claim Your Yelp Business Account

The first tip you want to take a look at is actually setting up a business account with Yelp.  Yelp allows businesses to claim their business to make sure things are correct, that they are the actual person who owns the business that can claim it, run reviews, and answer questions about the business.  So you want to make sure take that step and claim your business account with Yelp.

Ensure Your Business Information is Correct in Yelp

The next step you want to look at with Yelp, is actually making sure your information is all O.K.  Is the address spell right?  Do they have the right zip code?  Is the name of the city two words or one word, is there capitalization?  You want to make sure your hours are right, what kind of payments you take.  Do you seat groups? Do you take care of handicapped people?  It's a lot of things you want to make sure that are correct about your business that is being presented on Yelp.  If you have that business account, you can make sure all that information is correct.

Add Your Website URL to Your Yelp Profile

The next tip you want to look at is making sure your Website URL, if you have one, is in that information in your Yelp description.  That's very important because people do click on websites from Yelp.  If they have a website to click on, they're going to click on it and their going to visit your website to find out even more about you.  To see pictures, to see menus, to see prices, to the work you've done if you are a contractor and you want to show your before and after pictures, those kind of things are what people go to look at your site.  If you have your URL in your profile on Yelp, people will click through to see what's going on, on your site.

Add Pictures to Your Yelp Profile

The fourth tip we have is to make sure you add photos.  Those photos I was talking about with your restaurant, or your before and after pictures things you've done if you are a carpenter.  Those types of things are very persuasive, and if you have them in your Yelp profile, it will help you to basically reach out and touch the people within Yelp and really have them communicate with you.

Ask for the Yelp Review from Your Customers

The last and final tip we have for you today in utilizing Yelp in your online strategies, is to make sure you ask your patrons, your customers, your friends, your family that have used your services or have been to your restaurant, or have been to your hotel, ask them for the review.  That's the whole offline converging with the online  of the marketing procedures that you have here in Yelp.  You want to make sure you are asking for that review, because if you don't ask for it, they might not necessarily give it to you.

So those are your 5 tips in Utilizing Yelp for your Small Business Online Marketing Strategy.  I'm Li Evans of Search Marketing Gurus and KeyRelevance.  As always you can find a copy of this video and transcript of this video on Search Marketing Gurus.com.  See ya next time!


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Yelp is cool but the platform needs work. I have found Yelp very useful as a consumer but as a business owner I'm not sure I want to pay to claim a profile that anyone can come and trash if they choose to do so.

Jippidy.com - Video Yellow Pages

Not so sure I would ask a client for $$ to manage reputation via Yelp! Seems they could have some ethical issues to overcome.

Miram at SEO Igloo posted some rather interesting thoughts, while the comments I think speak to Yelps! integrity.


In my opinion asking for $$ to remove bad comments is again to blackmail, or something the Mob would do as protection money...

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