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September 23, 2008


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I'd actually been giving point number 1 a think for the past few weeks as well. If you're in the game all the time, you tend to just take what you do and what you know as common knowledge. For example, a musician friend of mine approached me with a photography and book layout design project. He was doing all of this in photoshop, which looked fine and dandy, but when I mentioned that the printer is probably going to require a vector line drawing of some type, his eyeballs almost fell out of his head, and I could see that "Um...what the heck are you talking about?" question forming. Bingo! And a new blog post is born.

Elders are a great choice, but I'd also branch that out into friends that do something completely different than you do. Talk to them and find out if they know what fstops on a camera are, or how to work with final cut pro (or any video editing software), for example. There's a treasure trove of ideas in your friends, just waiting to be found.

All really good advice, and I've done same or similar things too. Here's another idea: get a non-fiction book and imagine you're in history class or something. Read and take notes on a legal pad or whatever, jotting down questions, and tangential ideas; and before you know it you're writing feverishly. Often it leads you right back to the topic on which you're "supposed" be writing.

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