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September 30, 2008


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"...an aura of happiness at all times..." ehm, probably because I'm drunk ;p

Great interview Stephanie, excellent poem (Julie threatened to beat you up didn't she?)

Seriously, you are wicked Stephanie, a real social media ninja =)

@Lisa - Yes.. Julie forces me to tell her how great she is on a daily basis :)


I know stephanie , And she rocks in my eyes. She is not only talented and beautiful. She has a wonderful style of sharing her knowledge. She has helped me love and enjoy what I do!

OH yeah ,
She is a great friend too!

You rock!!!

I'm so glad Stephanie was interviewed! I know she lives and breathes search and social. Great job!

So when is that Pub Crawl? ;)

Very informative interview, thanks for the post!

Great information! Intereseting read. I guess it's true that we find out something new everyday ;)

How about make her as your wife? She's really pretty.

It's great to see profiles of Internet Marketing Mavens like Stephanie Weingart. In fact we had a post on the Women's Work blog last week that asked why more IM women aren't recognized - Two Guys, A Girl and the Internet. Take a look and we'd like to get your thoughts - http://blog.wwork.com/2008/women-business/smallbusinessforwomen/women-and-the-internet/

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