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October 26, 2008


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I thought the terrorist were busy passing messages back and forth on World of Warcraft... at least that was the tech scare waffle the other week...

I think that the idea of using Twitter as a terrorist tool is real. Think about it, one tweet to a group of terrorists and it could send them into action. Heck it's a lot quicker than sending an email, IM or phoning.

Of course, just about anything can be used as a terrorist tool. Diesel fuel and fertilizer make a deadly combination.

I think the bottom line is that we just need to always keep our eyes and ears open to things that seem out of the ordinary.

I guess any online platforms can be used my anybody as a weapon..that's why we always need yo be careful and watchful in our surroundings.

They sure did.

I think anyone can have access to twitter, terrorist or non-terrorist. But should they come to sign in, their identity were just internet users. So what scaring them? Aren't they confident of their military arsenal?

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