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November 05, 2008


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This will be the first presidency that has an established social network. It actually gives the executive branch a tremendous amount of additional communication power—the power to change minds on issues, explain vetoes, and marshal forces for all manner of situations from collective volunteering to disaster relief.

Right, and it's really full of hope in his ability to manage in a modern way US, all those last former problems: Irak war, financial crisis, healthcare system...He is an actual and concrete president, built by an actual flow of hope and youth. Modern times need modern guys, don't we say?

Great blog post and compilation new media resources utilized by the Obama campaign. I was following on Youtube and Twitter. I had no idea about all the others. The campaign managers surely did a phenomenal job getting his message across. What a big victory for Obama and for new media!
Dali Burgado

I think it's a coincidence at the height of social media age Obama run for President. This just shows the power of social media networking as a powerful tool when popularity is concern.

Things are changing even faster than we could have imagined. Have you seen the new website?

David Plouffe the campaign manager for Obama for America is speaking at a change management conference in Washington, DC on April 30th. I'm going to check it out and see what he has to say. THe website quotes Obama as saying that Plouffe is the unsung hero of his campaign who may have built the best political campaign in the history of the united states.


A few things it says he will cover...

How to harness the power of social networking to connect a dispersed group of people and engage them to perform outstanding feats

Innovative ways the campaign built brand loyalty and how these same tactics can be used by your organization

Why consistent leadership sets a tone that can inspire creativity and passion to achieve surprising results

I'm pretty psyched about it. I was following how each candidate was using their sites and social media. Looked like McCain was trying hard to keep up to Plouffe's moves but just didn't get it.

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