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December 19, 2008


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That's definitely accurate! One of the main targets in online and social marketing is getting other users to market your content for you, either by posting it again, refering to it, or both. If you restrict that action then you lose your most important type of online marketing...

The web is definitely all about freedom... Provide the platform and the rest is history.

Keep up the good work Li -- good to see you ;)


You know what's funny about the negative is that it's free advertising. As long as it's not completely crushing to the business i.e. the company stealing everyones money. Then a sex scandal here and there doesn't hurt now and then. But I have found that negative allows you to learn and not do it again...or keep doing it and don't be surprised of the consequences.


Good post here. I think what many companies struggle with is two way communication with customers. The reality is that all products and services have flaws, nothing is perfect. Working with customers via social media offers an uncensored view into the living brand in the wild.

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