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December 16, 2008

Online Marketing Tips Video: Turning Your Friends Into Fans

By Li Evans

Due to SES Chicago and traveling last week, there wasn't a Tuesday's Tips video last week.  This week though we've got a new Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing Video and it's all about turning those friends you've accumulated into Fans or evangelists.  From giving up some control to asking your friends to help, there's three tips in this video that can help you reach out, interact and turn those acquaintances into your biggest customer advocates.

Full Turning Your Friends Into Fans Video Transcript after the jump....

Turning Your Friends Into Fans - Social Media Tips Video Transcript

Hi and welcome back to Tuesday's Tips in Online Marketing.  Today we've got some really neat tips for you.  It's all about how to turn your friends or contacts on different social networks into fans or even evangelists,  so lets take a look at these

Be A Real Person

First we've got "Become a Real Person" to these people not a company.  People want to connect with people, they don't want to connect with "things".  So they understand that there is a person or a group of people that are from this company, they attach to them a lot more.  And they feel that there is more of a relationship and they feel that they've got more of an investment there.  So they are going to become your fans, not just your friends, not just your contacts, they'll become your fans.  That they actually know and that they talk to you. so when you become a person rather than a company "head" or "CEO" or "exec" or whatever, if you engage in those conversations you become real to them.  You'll have more of an opportunity to turn these people into real fans of your product, your service or your company.

Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help

The second thing you really want to look at is "Ask Them for Help".  Ask them to help you with information on how they use the product, or how they use their service.  Ask them for their feedback.  Honestly when they have that kind of investment in there, they'll turn into your fans.  As long as you treat them with respect and you don't use them and abuse them, you will garner a lot from making these relationships and turning these friends into actual fans or evangelists.

Give Up Some Control

The third, last thing we want to look at is "Give Some Ownership" over.  People want to own things, they want to feel like they're part of something, they've created something.  So it goes back to co-creation, we kind of talked about that in a prior video, but letting people feel that they've produced something, or they helped you build something, or they helped you in some way and they talk about it.  And they feel like "hey I'm part of this, I love this company, they let me help build this product" and the word just spreads. It's good word of mouth, it's good will   and you've turned a friend or a contact into a fan or an evangelist.

Those are your three tips for turning your friends into fans, for you Tuesday's Online Marketing Tips.  I am Li Evans of Search Marketing Gurus and Key Relevance.  As always you can find a transcript of this video at SearchMarketingGurus.com, stop back next week we'll have some more tips for you.


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Wow . you put the pieces of the pie together so well.
I need to add you to my blogroll.

Your videos are great!
Can I ask what you are using for overlay templates?

I am in Alex Jeffreys marketing class and we are working on Blog traffic.
Can you give me your best source of traffic??

Mark Call

wonderful to think about. When i walk in my local taco shop, there are pictures of thier local customers on their wall which makes up a big collage. At first, i thought that this was some clutter, but now i realize it's something i can relate to.


Hey Liana,

Just wanted to give you a quick shout out to tell you how awesome your videos are. Keep up the great work girl!

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