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January 14, 2009


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Some great advice here I am a great fan of Linkedin but so often members are only interested in a numbers game and not building a reputation by asking questions and participating

As of recent, I'm learning to do these things. Especially owning my own blog and reviews pages, I see a lot of spam and other things come along. What I don't understand is why people think that these don't get moderated. I mean some get past and like the above post says...I guess it's just a numbers game.

Just find your article interesting and really, I can relate to it. Been participating in forums for the purpose of internet marketing and truly, it helps.

Read the Rules.. That's a simple word but very hard to do. Why? Because most of the forum rules are long that takes a large portion of our time which in turn makes it boring.

People just register and start posting articles. They learn the rules through experience.

Lurking is very important...you need to learn the lay of the land before you jump in. Especially if you are marketing a niche product, you need to make sure that the forum community will welcome your product.

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