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January 07, 2009


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This is great information. I am in the process of hiring an linkbuilding expert for my company and this article has helped me.

The woman should define what is quantity and what is quality clearly.

Hi Charles -

"the woman" is me (Li) btw. Not sure how much more clearly I could define quantity vs. quality.

quantity - its not about getting thousands upon thousands of "any links" - i.e. those email scams that proclaim for X amount of money you can get 2k of links on a site or maybe 20 sites.

quality - 1 great quality link from a site that's related to your's - like the example in the video - a bakery site gaining a link from a cooking school - would be a great quality link that could outweigh 1k links from sites unrelated (and spammy) to your own.

Don't know how Charles missed that one. One other thing to check for quality is the number of backlinks to the site you are getting the link from.

I'd like to mention another great great link building resource. It is our Link Buildinb Best Practices blog located at www.VerticalMeasures.com/blog

I think the third tip is the best one: give them a reason to link. Good content still is king. If you have good content, people will gladly link to you. If you have really good content, you might not even have to search for the links, they will just come naturally.


Thanks for the 3 very important linking tips. I'm a newbie in IM and keen to learn from Gurus like you. Just wanted to ask concerning this :-
i) Basic Link
ii) Reciprocal Link
iii) Back Link

What's the differences between them? What about Directory Listing Services, is it good to have reciprocal links with them? Thanks for the time.


This is a very well thought out and written article. The fact remains that link building is much easier when you offer something worth linking too.

Affiliate marketing is IMO the #1 way to make a living online. But you have to treat it as you would any business. It takes hard work and long hours. Nothing will come overnight. Probably the key thing you have to do is find your niche and go with it. After that you should be on your way. Nothing feels better than when you make that first $1.00 online. Esp when you have failed to make a penny in the past.

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While choosing an SEO company its equally important to analyze the SEO company's website in terms of their Rankings, Yahoo links, Google index, Alexa ranking and similar such factors which indicates the company's expertise in the field of SEO. So make sure you are doing enough research and smart work before investing your advertising spend.

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