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February 18, 2009

SES London 2009 - SEO Through Blogs and Feeds

By SEOidiot

Moderator: Andy Atkins-Krüger, Managing Director, WebCertain Europe Ltd

Speakers: David Naylor, SEO, Bronco
Sante Achille, Consultant, Sante J Achille
Maile Ohye, Senior Developer Programs Engineer, Google



Lead for the webmaster central blog Blogs
Think about Blogsearch as a way of adding opinionated content to the search results

Triggered by hot topics

  • Entertainment
  • Tech
  • Politics

Publish > ping > indexed (typically less than 10 minutes)
If you aren't using a service like blogger or wordpress you can ping the service manually

SEO faqs

Publish full content or snippet?

It doesnt make that much of a difference but its mildly better for Google to get the full (only makes a few minutes difference)

Can I robots.txt some of my categories etc to avoid dupe content

If you are confident with robots.txt yes but google will try to sort it at their end

What about tweets?
Not currently in the ping service, crawled if linked to on the web.

Security, blogger and webmaster tools

Receive 'hackable software' notification in webmaster tools message centre
Blogs seem especially vunerable
Up-to-date software software can prevent attacks
Verify your site with webmaster tools

Feeds for product search

Back end is Google Base
Submit your products through feeds, text, xml, api or even manual submission

Product feeds appear in universal search via the onebox
Extended Product pages show in uk (electronics) and us for (electronics, books, dvds etc)

Best practices for feeds

Strive for accurate information
Good attributes to include in your base feed.

  • UPC (unique product code)
  • MPN (manu part number)
  • Brand
  • Accurate description
  • Image

In the US there is a data quality tab that will help verify UPC's and checks if titles are correct lengths

Google base discussion group is a good resource More of these features coming to the UK


How to optimise your blogs architecture

Avoid starting on free portals
By starting on a free service and growing there its hard to take all that work with you.

Showed an example of a site that moved from moveable type to wordpress and gave up due to the work involved in trying to migrate so many inbound links

Make the urls better

Recommended www.domain.com/category/title-keywords

Custom structure in wordpress /%catgory%/%postname%/

Should I change to keywords from ?=
If its working well now then leave it

Theme templates
Choose a theme that privileges your content so the content is prominent rather than the sidebar being first in the code.

Move the get_sidebar to below the content loop

Be cautious to avoid problems and badly written plugins
Check the number of downloads
Research who is using it and whether there have been problems
Mine your content to identify keywords that help you create new content

Wordpress as a multi lingual platform
Blogslot (Plugin to help group content by language)
Group your categories into languages

Dave Naylor;

It starts with what software to use Wordress, Drupal, Movable Type, Blogger etc....
Wordpress is the best to choose

The fact that wordpress pings google blogsearch
Its a solid CMS

Check the plugins carefully as there are many out there that can cause problems

Considerations for the blog Root sub dom or subfolder

Tend to put them in subs for clients Hosting - put the subs on different servers and therefore ip's so you get a gain from google thinking they are external rather than internal links

Making the blog SEO friendly

  • Make the title of the post count
  • Make use of heading tags - H1's H2's etc
  • Change the url structure to be your-doamin.com/your-post-page/

Blog linking

If you dofollow (eg using the do follow plugin) you have to be sure to spend the time moderating
Link to relevant sites Social networking
Add the relevant buttons to your blog posts (Dont go crazy, just add the relevant ones)
Submit your stuff to digg, stumble etc

RSS feeds

Snippets tend to help bring people to your site and see your ads etc but full feeds make people more likely to subscribe
Use Joost's (http://www.yoast.com) RSS-Footer plugin to add a link to you in your feeds
If someone is using your feeds and not linking back email them and give them a deadline to remove or add a followed link.


Nice post

Wow, I never knew that SEO Through Blogs and Feeds. That's pretty interesting...

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