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February 21, 2009


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nice ones .. i think this is good enough for ranking in the top 10 of google for less competitive keywords .. .

I am always amazed that few people ever recommend picking up the phone when targeting sites. Mass emails rarely work but even personalised ones are often missed. When requesting a link from a particular site you are effectively pitching. It's virtually sales. You need to be able to convince and incentivise a site owner to link to you. I always find this is much more likely by picking up the phone and seeking to develop a relationship between two companies who complement one another.

This post is a bit old but very in depth. I do believe that google is constantly changing how it ranks sites and while buying links may be effective now, your suggestions are for long term link building. Google and search engines keep changing trying to keep up with people abusing techniques.

Great post

A very informative post but still the SEO trend still changing.We need to find an effective Link building techniques that help us to stay on top and compete well to our competitors.It is good to know some tips and techniques.

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