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March 20, 2009


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You may want to add @DaveJMatthews to your lists. He does tweet when he is on his travels, and sometimes twitpics his artwork. He is def an interesting follow!

Thanks Tonya!

I'll add him, upon your suggestion. I'll start a postscript section with everyone's suggestions.


MusicRow Magazine reported yesterday that "taylorswift13" is the real Taylor Swift account. As in, the real Taylor Swift, really Tweeting.

What I find ironic about celebrities is that while they may gather thousands of followers they do not follow back. Seems anti-social to me.

In addition, folks like Fox News branded show host push out news but never reveal their personalities in real conversations.

The celebrities simply do not get it.

I think celebs are using twitter because it is a way to connect online. Celbs love attention and i think being about themselves all of the time it is good for them to just post normal everyday things they do.

Just FYI, I work for a sports PR and brand management company and the Eli Manning account is not authentic (not by him or anyone in his camp).

I made the mistake replying to some celebs,didn't know the game rules,Twitter has burned me without warning,i feel like a criminal...it feels all a bit sinister

Yeah. you're right! This celebrities were just aiming for fame. But they just hiding it from using twitter and try to deceive that they want to communicate.

Thanks for posting by the way!

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