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June 03, 2009


Hey Li,

Thanks so much for the shoutout, and for the awesome video overview. I'm always encouraged to hear the "listening and engaging" conversation continuing. It's so very important to doing this social stuff well, and getting out of it more than you put in.

Thanks again,
Amber Naslund
Director of Community, Radian6

Great tips. Having a company that does online reputation management and monitoring I think the "don't try to control" is a huge tip. Most of the time when a brand tries to control or tries to smash out opposition with force it usually just makes the problem even worse.

Trying to control is the worst thing you can possibly do, though it depends on how you are trying to control. Look at Starbucks, they have done an excellent job of crafting a forum for their customers to feel important. Also check out AirCheese http://www.aircheese.com as a monitoring tool. Though it is still in BETA form, it's a really solid tool for managing online reputation and social media.

Some Really Interesting stuff here. I am trying to build my reputation around quality service and the willingness to help. Thanks for your tips

Many people forget to focus on building relationships with their forums. If you can get a dialogue and keep it going your points about having some back up really come through improving your reputation at least with a wider audience. (Everyone else commented on not trying to take control but that is also a really difficult task to master but important).

Def. important to monitor your name and your businesses name online to make sure you grab any negative press that is finding its way into the search results.

Very nice post

These are great tips. I've been using the Google Alerts plugged into my iGoogle page for a while now to great success.

Thanks for sharing,

Karl Foxley

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