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October 20, 2009


Concerning the 10 tips of Larry Freed, don't you think this is mostly the "state of the obvious"?
However, it is obvious but it is right seeking customer satisfaction is the keystone of a good customer relationship, thus the best path to success.

Oh man I have some work to do. The 10 tips will help. Thanks for the post :)

How very true that the happy customer is what our results depend upon. It is not about how flashy our site is. Value is of the utmost importance.

"What you measure will determine what you do" - the most important one.
I would just add :
"What is not written - does not exist."

There is no way you can follow your progress if you don`t keep records.

Nice tips. I have to agree that clearly defining what the expectations/ objectives are is the most important step. Somehow, this gets skipped. How can you illustrate success if you aren't sure how to recognize it.

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